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How to create a Test Account!
As I said we will create a test account first, so no real money is at risk.

Lets start with the basics. An Stellar account has a public key and a private key.

The public key is like a bank account number. It can be given to anybody who wants to transfer money to you. The privat key should be known only to the account holder. It's like a password which gives you full access to the account and all its values.

Every transaction on the Stellar Network is stored on an distrubuted ledger. This means, it is stored safe and can not be changed.

To create a test account use the buttons below.

1) Create Account with Public and Private Key

2) Activate Account on TestNet

Insert Public Key from above

Tech Tipps from Mr. Robot

More technical information on how to setup a Stellar Acount can be found here: Stellar Account Setup

If you want to buy real Stellar Lumens have a look at the exchange list on coinmarketcap: Stellar Exchanges