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Kitty needs a payment account!

Kitty asks her friend Mr. Robot.

I want to go shopping online and send money to my friends all over the world, fast and without fees. It should be as easy as sending an email. I already asked at a bank, but I didn't get accepted, as they say "Cats can't have a bank account". How rediculous!

You can use Stellar they accept everybody as a account holder. It doesn't matter if you are human, an animal or a robot. It also doesn't matter how old you are or in which country you live. All you need is internet and a software wallet to hold your coins! Stellar is really cool they don't have any prejudgements.

Sounds great, tell me more!

To explain how Stellar works, lets create a test account. If you like it, you can create a real account later on.

1) Create a test account on Stellar
2) Activate the account
3) Show the balance and account history
4) Transfer some coins to a friend of yours

Great, lets start!

Tech Tipps from Mr. Robot

Stellar is a Crypto Currency, similar to Bitcoin. The coins of the currency are called Lumens. Transactions can be made within 2-5 seconds and the transaction fee is less then a penny.

For more information have a look at:

  • stellar.org,
  • on Stellar FAQ
  • and on youtube stellar explained